Upload Arduino sketch into ESP8266 nodemcu module

Nodemcu modules

"Integrated" modules (with ESP on main board without shield)

"Integrated" modules

  • usually 4MB = 32Mbit flash
  • set as "NodeMCU 1.0 (ESP12-E Module)" board in Arduino IDE
  • upload speed 115200 or 921600
  • Arduino IDE flashes these boards in DIO mode (there is no option to change this)
  • when falshed using esptool or nodemcu pyflasher most of them I bought worked using "DIO" mode only (as Arduino does), when flashed in "QIO" mode it refused to start

Nodecu V3 (with shielded ESP12 module)

Classic nodemcu module ch340g Classic nodemcu module ch340g

  • the same as "Integrated" modules except these usualy (all I have) works using QIO mode also

ESP12F + separete USB-to-UART


  • set as "Generic ESP8266 module" in Arduino IDE
  • upload speed 115200
  • select "Reset method" as "none"
  • needs to be switched into flash mode manually before flashing / uploading (hold FLASH button and press RESET, release FLASH button)
  • usually 4MB = 32Mbit flash
  • usually (all I have) works using both DIO / QIO


Flashing tools

USB-to-UART Windows 7 x64 drivers

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